Early Bird menu for all those guests wishing to have a quick bite of good food early in the evening, 4:30-pm – 6pm.

€14.95 pp


Onion Bhaji
Onion fritters flavoured with coriander and cumin
Vegetable Samosa
Mildly spiced potato with a green pea filling wrapped in pastry
Meat Samosa
Mildly spiced minced meat wrapped in pastry
Tandoori chicken
Spring chicken on the bone, marinated overnight in our own special spices and slow cooked in the Tandoori (clay oven).
Chicken / Lamb Tikka
Tender juicy boneless chicken or lamb pieces marinated overnight in our own spices and cooked in the Tandoori (clay oven)
Garlic Mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms marinated with lightly spiced gram flour. Deep fried with garlic sauce.
Paneer Tikka
Marinated paneer cooked in clay oven
Vegetable Pakora
Crispy fried seasonal vegetables coated with gram flour batter

Main Courses:

With the following dishes choose: Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Veg

Korma (VM)
A delicious creamy sauce with ground almonds and coconut
Tika Masala (VM)
Cooked in the Tandoori and then simmered in creamy tomatoes and almond sauce
Madras (VH)
Pianont curry tempered with mustard seeds curry leaves, red chillies and coconut
Curry (M)
A traditional hot spicy curry cooked with fresh ginger, tomato, herbs, golden fried onions and green chillies
Balti (M)
Cooked with fresh ginger, tomato, herbs and green chillies
Garlic Chillies (M)
Cooked in herbs and fried in garlic (our most popular dish)
Chilli Hasals (MH)
Cooked with fresh green chilli, Indian spices and flavoured with lemon
Jalfrezi (MH)
Cooked with Green and red peppers, tomatoes, onions and fresh coriander in a tasty curry sauce
Rogan Josh (M)
Cooled with grilled onions, yoghurt, saffron, red and green peppers and Tomato
Bhuna (M)
Cooked with fresh ginger, spring onions, tomatoes, garlic and
Indian spices.
Dopiaza (M)
Cooked in rich aromatic sauce with diced onions, ginger, coriander and spices
Pasanda (VM)
Cooked in a mild creamy sauce with almonds coconut powder and pistachio nuts
Naga (VH)
Extra hot aromatic sauce with naga pickle, diced onions and tomato
Chicken Vindaloo (VH)
Cooked in extra hot spices
Butter Chicken (VM)
Half cooked in the tandoori then cooked the curry way with cream
Chicken Saag (M)
Cooked with garlic, onions, Indian spices, chicken and spinach
Chicken Dansak
Cooked with lentils, sweet and sour.
Shatkara Chicken/ Lamb
Cooked with fresh onions, Indian spices and Shatkara lemon.

Rice,Naan or Chips

Steamed Rice/Pilau
Traditional soft bread cooked in our clay oven.
Garlic Naan
Soft bread topped with freshly chopped garlic.